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It’s a tumultuous time in the media industry – especially for freelancers.

That’s why I started Write At Home, a comprehensive newsletter collating the best writer and journalist jobs on offer.

For just 65p / 90¢ a week, you can get upwards of 100 top notch openings and opportunities sent directly to your inbox every Wednesday and Sunday.

Not from the UK? No problem – most of the newsletter’s jobs are open to international writers.

I think it’s a great resource, but don’t take my word for it – here’s what people have been saying:

  • “Write At Home is the perfect newsletter for freelancers.  It saves an enormous amount of time.  In fact, I've spent more time writing this [testimonial] than getting what I need from Write At Home! Just do it!” - Waseem Mirza

  • “I’ve subscribed to a few newsletters but I prefer Write At Home as it’s regular, well-organised, consistent in layout (makes it easy to find stuff), and a good spread of different markets.” - Katrina Robinson

  • “In the first week of my Write At Home trial I knew I’d be a paying subscriber by the end of the month! It is so handy to have so many pitch calls and jobs all in one easy to read email that comes twice a week. It’s particularly useful for myself as I’m just gearing up to take on the freelance world. Huge 10/10!” - Kayleigh Heckford

  • “I have found the newsletter so helpful. I’ve had commissions from sending ideas to editors. It’s taken a lot of stress off me as there are so many useful contacts. I’m really grateful for this newsletter and love it!” - Minreet Kaur

  • “Alasdair's emails are always a really good mix of freelance opps as well as longer term gigs. I recently picked up some freelance work from one of his newsletters - writing about things to do with your dog.” - Steven Short

  • “I would recommend the newsletter to anyone. It's so helpful to know who is actually open to pitches and what they're looking for, instead of feeling like you're shouting into the void. I'd extra-specially recommend it, because one email led to regular freelance work, which a few months later led to stable employment with that company. Write At Home is a tremendous resource, and I'm a subscriber for life!” - Laura Linham

  • “Write at Home is an invaluable resource for any freelancer. Over the last few months, it has provided me with so many opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise come across and I have made new connections and scored commissions because of it. Plus, as someone living in rural Yorkshire (with no intention of moving), I appreciate having a newsletter that only focuses on jobs and freelance work that can be done remotely!” - Talya Honebeek

  • “Write At Home is a great resource. Instead of trawling around the internet and using up my valuable writing time, I have these great writing opportunities at my fingertips.  Highly recommend it.” - Susan Hegedus

  • “Your newsletters have really made me realise the opportunities that are out there! Thanks so much for investing the time to bring it all together.” - Bakita Kasadha

  • “I love your newsletter. I find having a regular reminder of what’s out there really motivating on days when it feels like I’m stuck in a rut. It makes freelancing feel lively and like I’m part of a community of writers. Absolutely worth the money and thank you for doing it!” - Emily Martin

  • “Write At Home helps me not only find gigs and editors, but determine the stories they actually need and want. It assists my cold pitches immeasurably, and I even have a few gigs pending after using it for just a few weeks.” - Adrian Brune

  • “In a world where looking for relevant freelance roles has become increasingly difficult, Alasdair’s newsletter has helped me massively! His regular updates are so useful and well detailed, and have also proven useful for me in receiving pitches. So grateful to you, Alasdair, thank you! (And no, he didn’t pay me to write this ).” - Arub Syed

  • “I'm a paid subscriber and it's worth every penny. I'm fairly new to freelance writing and it has helped me pick up lots of wee jobs and gain experiences with a range of companies writing within a variety of briefs and topics. Not only that, but I teach English part-time and it's helped me encourage young writers because I now have the knowledge of the wide scope of writing opportunities there are out there.” - Natalie Jayne Clark

  • “I always smile to myself when my iPhone pings with Alasdair‘s email. He does the work for me. It’s well set out, and simple to scroll through. I find the publications I want to pitch with ease.” - James Clark

A bit about me: I’m a UK-based journalist who’s been freelancing for around three years. A lot of that time has been spent scouring jobs sites and social media looking for editors’ calls-for-pitches, ongoing opportunities, and semi-permanent roles.

It’s a tedious slog, but over time I’ve gotten really good at it and know where to find the best (and often hidden) openings. Now, I’m sharing the best gigs with you.

Many thanks!


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